Web Design made Simple by WordPress

WordPress is a popular website platform that has allowed almost anyone to add to their own web design layout of their website. WordPress uses a CMS, or Content Management System that makes it easy to make changes and additions to a website without a whole of lot of web design knowledge. Once upon a time a web designer had to do all of the updates, changes, and any and all tweaking to a website. WordPress and similar platforms have changed the way websites work and are operated.

WordPress and other platforms have forever changed the web design process and the importance of hiring the expensive web designer. Websites can be designed and customized with a few clicks of the computer mouse these days. Web designers spend more time making downloadable and installable website themes than custom websites. The old fashioned web master is not even needed in a lot of cases. People can easy add content with the add post or add page feature. They type up what they want and add a few pictures to the layout that they have chosen. There are thousands and thousands of themes for someone to choose from with various amounts of options and customizations available for that theme. There are special add-ons, called plug-ins, that are available for things to add a special customization to a website that allows it function as it should and stand out above the rest.

Web design used to be a costly expense for companies to make. The world of website creation has changed and anyone with a little bit of knowledge and experimentation can buy a professional theme from several places online for $10 – $500. The design and themes can vary greatly in what they offer and what you have to spend on the extras features. The Content Management Systems have really caused some major changes in the way money is spent and how much work goes into a website. The days of hand coding HTML for every page is ineffective and gone. A professional and neat website can be done by a web designer with a few choice decisions and some cool features like sliders, galleries, and other plug in scripts. There are plugins designed for various types of businesses that is popular in that field. A menu creating plugin is great for the small restaurant who is looking to join the digital age and offer their menu choices online before coming into the restaurant.