Broome is a Hive of Activity With So Much On Offer

The beach resort of Broome is a paradise. Warm Indian Ocean and white sands for miles. Beautiful sunsets and amazing bird life and flora. The sea life will leave you breathless with the sheer beauty and diversity.

There are so many things to do and see in Broome. There is a variety of activities and sites to see that you definitely must get around to.

Cable Beach is the first thing that springs to mind when considering things to do and see in Broome. Cable beach is a stretch of beach approximately 22 km long. The sands are powder white and the water is from the Warm Indian Ocean. The beauty of nature is apparent everywhere you look. Enjoy gorgeous and breathtaking sunsets and days filled with warm sunny rays.

Broome Bird Observatory is another definite feature on the list of things to do and see in Broome. The observatory is an educational center, scientific center, as well as a center for recreation. The bird life is exquisite and the natural surrounding breathtaking. Your camera is sure to overheat during this activity. Document your sightings in pictures and keep the memories with you for a lifetime.

Horizontal Falls is a natural phenomenon found on the coast of Kimberley. One of the greatest wonders of the natural world is definitely something to include on your list of things to do and see in Broome. The waterfalls mysteriously and magically run horizontally instead of vertically which in itself is something you have to see. As the tides change, the waterfall direction reverses causing tidal whirlpools.

Roebuck Bay offers a range of activities from fishing to dolphin watching to backpacking and of course simply enjoying the gorgeous beaches. One of the most beautiful natural attractions in Western Australia. Bird watching is a popular activity here as the bird life is diverse and absolutely enthralling. Dolphin viewing is always exciting and to catch these majestic creatures in action is truly something that will never leave your mind, a once in a lifetime experience.

For those who prefer to enjoy the sea and sand, surfing is a sport that is done for pure enjoyment and love of the water.

Things to do and see in Broome should also include the many camping sites and nature trails that are available as well as visits to popular restaurants and even a night or two in some of the lovely, friendly and accommodating hotels.

Broome is a tourist’s paradise, with so much on offer and so much to see.