Best Holiday Apartment Options in Surfers Paradise

If you’re looking for a holiday apartment in Surfers Paradise there are many different great options to go around. Since the name ‘Surfers Paradise’ brought about back in 1933, tourists have flocked to the city to take advantage of the many great attractions that it has to offer.

Surfers Paradise is a place where visitors and tourists regularly outnumber the actual residents in the town. While there are only about 20,000 full time residents in the city, the city attracts nearly that same amount of people worth of visitors on any given day. Most of those visitors look to find a quality holiday apartment in Surfers Paradise to make their stay as pleasing as possible.


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Here’s a look at a few holiday apartments in Surfers Paradise that are at the top of our list for best in the area:

Trilogy Surfers Paradise

The Trilogy Surfers Paradise Apartments are one of the more modern holiday apartments that the city has to offer. The modernization of the apartments can be seen in many different ways, with the furniture and layout of the rooms being the most obvious.

The apartments feature a heated swimming pool, a sauna and spa, and even a conference room for businesses looking for the opportunity to get away from the day to day grind and have a meeting or conference in paradise. This holiday apartment in Surfers Paradise is one of the more relaxing and casual apartments in the area, featuring plenty of room in the apartment as well as an open balcony for patrons to relax as they please.

Paradise Centre Apartments

This holiday apartment in Surfers Paradise is your best option if you’re looking for something that is right in the middle of all of the attractions that the city has to offer. It is in walking distance of many of the best restaurants and nightlife venues that Surfers Paradise has to offer.

The apartments offer an ocean view and also feature two separate swimming pools. There are even a couple of tennis courts for anybody looking to get a few swings in.

One the Espalade Apartments

The One the Espalade Apartments are one of the many holiday apartments that are centered right on the beach of Surfers Paradise. There is beach access directly outside of the apartment and they even have a full time staffed lifeguard on duty for the majority of the day.

While these aren’t the most modern apartments available, you won’t be able to beat the view that this holiday apartment in Surfers Paradise has to offer. They also feature the normal accommodations of a full kitchen and cable TV as well as providing laundry facilities for patrons.

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