Top Air Conditioning Problems (and How to Repair Them?)

An air conditioning unit that isn’t working as it should be is a huge problem most especially during the summer season where humidity, sweat and mood swings attack all at the same time. Proper air conditioning repair can save both your time and your money. It can even boost the unit’s performance as well as its year of service. It will also ensure that your equipment provides the cooling or the heating you will need for winter or summer. However, neglecting proper maintenance may cause you problems and, worse, may even lead to breakage.

In this article, we’ll discuss the common problems and repairs in every residential and commercial space.

  • The filter is dirty

One of the common reasons why a unit doesn’t perform well is its dirty filter. A clogged and dirty filter restricts airflow, reducing its ability to cool the room. Follow your unit’s manual or research more about it. Some units need to be cleaned every month or every three months.

  • The thermostat is in the wrong setting

Having the overall control of the unit’s temperature, the unit’s thermostat must be turned on, clean and must be placed in the correct setting.

  • Leakage in the system

Refrigerant leaking may result in the unit producing a warmer air than usual. It may also produce ice that builds up over the coils. In this case, you can clean the coil by using a spray type coil cleaner.

  • Strange noises from the system

Screeching, banging and clicking sounds from the cooling facility indicates a problem whether on its motor or blower. If fan blades are bent or damaged, it can affect the machine’s stability, causing the strange noise.

  • Faulty wiring

Does the term bad wiring sound too risky? it should. Bad wiring restrains the power supply of your unit. If not prevented, it may also cause electrical short circuit that may lead to fire or explosion.

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