A Look at the Process of Rug Cleaning Carried out by Professional Cleaners

Rugs and carpets beautify your home. But they are very delicate and high maintenance items. Cleaning and maintaining them properly is very important. While some people opt to do it at home, it is advisable to hire rug cleaning services for the purpose.

Rug cleaning can clean your rug in the right way within the shortest possible time and without any mess! They also know how to clean different types of rugs and their experience will help in prolonging the life of your carpets. Here is what they do.

The Inspection

The rug cleaning services will visit your home and inspect the rugs you want them to clean. They will take note of the type of rugs you have, the fibre, colour, and the stains on them. All this information is carefully documented and you will be informed about it.


A small portion of the rug is tested for fast colour and delicate fibre. If there is any risk of the colour running, the rug cleaning services will inform you and look for an alternative solution.

The Solution

Depending on the fibre and colour of the rug different actions may be required on different rugs. With the help of Carpet cleaning Adelaide, they can carefully examine the rugs and test for the colour. Some rugs may be put through more than one process if required.


This is the basic process which is used on every rug and is the safest way to clean any carpet.