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5 Tips to Great Web Design

In today’s internet-ruled world, great web design is a must. The contemporary consumer turns to the internet first to be informed on what brand or service to choose. Although internet trends are constantly changing, there are some consistent features every website should have. Below are five design tips to make sure a website is effective for any business.

5 Second Rule

Users of the internet are picky. A good web design will explain the value of the business it is representing within five minutes of the user being on the site. The back button is the most widely used button amongst internet users and a good website strives to battle that instinct. Perth web design can create compelling content that attracts visitors and gives.

Concise messaging

The most important part of web design is the site’s content. The most effective websites have proper, concise messaging. Steer clear of lengthy paragraphs that will make your site unattractive and wordy to visitors.

Call to Action

Any commerce or service provider website that is successful will have a clear “call to action.” Common calls to action can be “Request a Quote,” Buy Now,” or “Work With Us.” These calls to action clarify what the company is offering instead of forcing the visitor to figure out the service on his or her own. Calls to action should be very visible, in the top masthead area as well as the body of the website.

Build Trust

Trust building is very important to any website that is selling products or services online. Highlighting the guarantees and feature certifications help the consumer understand the value in the company. These features can make the difference between the visitor staying on the site or leaving to a competitor’s.

Keep it Fresh

Visitors to a website want to see clean, fresh content. If a visitor thinks a business isn’t active online, it can be detrimental to whether or no they choose to stay on the site. Make sure the site shows the company in the freshest light by keeping content up to date and relevant to industry trends.

A clean, concise web design is vital to a company’s success online and, in turn, in general. The internet has become the most trusted source to the consumer and having a strong website can make a huge difference in the potential consumers choice to stay or to hit the dreaded back button, never to be seen again.