3 Important Questions to Ask Corporate Caterers

When you’re organising a company event that’s scheduled to happen in the near future, you must prioritise getting a caterer. Besides, you can’t have an event without food. Due to the number of corporate caterers in the city, you can narrow down your list by asking these important questions:

Do you cook the food on the same day of the event?

The answer to this question should be a resounding yes. If they pause for a few seconds, you must move on to the next option since that means they’re not sure. It’s not a good idea to hire caterers who cook their food a few days before the event then reheat them on the day itself. There’s a strong possibility your guests will not be impressed with the taste.

What will happen with the leftovers?

You can expect there to be lots of leftovers. Hence, you must ask the corporate caterers what they’ll do with them. If they’ll throw them in the trash, then that’s not a good answer because they’ll waste a lot of food. You can imagine the number of people who are starving now. They should allow you to take them home and you can be the one to distribute the leftovers. Besides, you can bring them to the office and have free lunch for the next few days.

Will you be in complete uniform?

The last thing you’d want to happen in the event is for your guests to be confused with the corporate caterers. Therefore, they should all be wearing a uniform so the guests would know who to call when they need something from them.

For positive answers to the above questions, you should do business with renowned Melbourne corporate caterers. You can expect them to prioritise their customers like you by giving you outstanding service from the moment you enquire until the time the event is over. They’ll also make sure to arrive early, so they can set up their materials.